Services Information:


  1. The Consultation:  

This is free and is included in all my services. Here we get to know each other a little. I will send you some key questions on your styling needs and personal taste. I will then know how best to guide you in what service and appointment type is right for you.  

The Seasonal Update: 

One of the most beneficial appointment types is the seasonal update or makeover, which starts with an online consultation (see above). Once I have all your style information, I will come up with a plan for our shopping trip. During this outing I will help you update your wardrobe and teach you how to build a capsule wardrobe. I will talk you through how to match your style to current trends and guide you towards shapes, styles and brands that work best to suit your lifestyle, body shape and personality.  If you do not wish to purchase all the pieces we have looked at, If you wish I will make a shopping list for you to work from in the season. This will help you to buy as you go. It’s ideal for people on a budget or for those who get paid each month.  

 80 euro p/h (Recommended - 2/3 hours)  

The Wedding Shop. 

The Mother of the Bride: 

Shopping for an outfit as the Mother of the Bride or Groom can be quite stressful. Finding that delicate balance between modern, chic and dressy isn’t always easy. You can often be shopping in one season for a wedding date in an entirely different one.  Many women fear the stereotypical dated, over-the-top look that is often associated with Mothers of the Bride.  

Having a stylist can turn this stress into an enjoyable shopping experience. I have years of experience in dressing Mothers of the Bride and finding that perfect look is one of my greatest skills.   I will guide you towards brands, styles and colours that create a chic, elegant look and will have you feeling a million dollars on that special family day. 

€200  (Recommended 2.5 hours) 

The Bride: 

For many brides, their wedding is not just a special day but an entire weekend celebration. And rightly so! With the organising of the big day, brides can find the chaos of finding appropriate outfits overwhelming.  Let me help eliminate the stress of what to wear the night before and the day after the Big Day. Together we can find the perfect outfits that compliment and match the style and tone of your wedding.  Based on your budget and style inspirations, I will source the perfect outfits so all you have to worry about is saying ‘I do’. 

80 euro  p/h (Recommended 2/3 hours). 

The Guest: 

Shopping for Occasion Wear can be a complete minefield. Allow me to help you put your best fashion foot forward. Feeling confident and beautiful is the goal, so you can be ready to enjoy that special wedding, event or party you have coming up.  

I will give you advice and guide you towards shapes, styles and colours that best suit you. With no affiliation to any one shop brand, the city is our oyster and I will find you the ideal go-to occasion wear, while also teaching you how to style the outfit in different ways so you can wear it to a number of different events. 

80 p/h (Recommended 1.5 hours per complete outfit). 


The Tourist:  

Let me be your style guide around our beautiful city! Dublin is a vast labyrinth of hidden gems. From Irish Designers in local boutiques to luxury department stores and vintage shops, I will give you an insider’s guide of tips and tricks on where to bag the perfect outfit for your style.  I will plan a day of local shopping that will cater to your individual shopping or tourist needs. Forget Google Maps and let me be your guide. This is a fun way to  experience Ireland’s capital – with top lunch recommendations included.  

Group shopping trips also available. 

80 p/h (Recommended 3 hours) 


The Wardrobe edit : 

This is a complete makeover and cleanse for your wardrobe.  

We begin with dissecting everything in your wardrobe and identify what pieces are working best for you and what pieces are not. Before we get rid of anything we will question if the pieces can be styled differently or reimagined to work better for you. I will give you tips on where you can sell any pieces you want to part with which will leave more room in your budget for future purchases.  

I will organise what we are keeping and give you tips and tricks on how to hang and display your clothes and accessories in a way that saves space and time each day. I will make a shopping list of pieces I think would complement your wardrobe and you can shop from this list in your own time. Finally, having rejuvenated and organised your wardrobe, I will teach you numerous looks that will save you endless amounts of time and stress in the future. 

380 euro  -  ( 4.5 hours )  


The Guy: 

This shopping experience is perfect for the busy man who lacks the time (or patience) to shop or who needs help and direction in choosing clothes that truly suit them. Keeping things simple and sticking to great fits, fabrics and colours is the secret foundation to a perfect menswear wardrobe. I will guide you towards styles, colours and items that suit your lifestyle and personality. If you can’t find the time or energy to shop with me we can do an online consultation and I’ll bring the pieces to you. Anything that doesn't work or you do not like I will return. One personal shop with me will leave you looking seriously dapper. You will finally have a wardrobe full of clothing that you love and know how to wear.  

€200 (2.5 hrs)

The Work Edit: 

Work-wear is perhaps not the most exciting but it is such an important part of our wardrobes. We spend the majority of our time in work wear so it makes sense to have great pieces that work together so you can be confident and comfortable. A great work wardrobe can give you a daily boost that shines through your work and help you stand out from your colleagues. Whether it’s trying to get a perfect interview look or daily staples, let me help you find long-lasting pieces that will give you that memorable edge.  

80  euro p/h (Recommended 2/ 3 hours). 

The Bump:  

Dressing for your new shape during pregnancy can be an absolute minefield. Many women end up buying clothes they never feel very good in and will never wear again. Let me find a few key pieces that will help transform your existing wardrobe and help you stay feeling your fabulous best throughout your pregnancy. I will guide you towards shapes and styles that you can wear again once baby arrives and teach you styling tips and tricks that will keep your Maternity look stylish, fresh and flattering in all the right places. 

80 p/h (Recommended 2 hours) 


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